Monday, November 13, 2017

Team Rosie

Today has been Rosie Day.  Her parents (my friends) had to made the immeasurably difficult decision to amputate her leg below the knee, a leg that was broken and would never be able to heal.  So they chose to give her the best chance, a new leg upon which she can walk, run, dance, and probably launch into the stratosphere.  My admiration for Miriel and John grows every day, and I watch with awe as they take into strength and bravery I'm sure they don't fully realize they have, and I send them more reserves now that the first horrible part is over and they move into what comes next.  #TeamRosie always.

And Rosie.  Wow.  This girl went through a major surgery this morning and was trying to climb a couch this afternoon!  I guess she wasn't told she couldn't!  Clearly, she is a tiny, badass superhero and I cannot wait to see her as she grows.  She will not be stopped.

If you would, send some love and prayers and just some general good juju to this amazing family. 

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