Sunday, November 23, 2014

Frustration, I Know You Well

I had every intention of putting together an entertaining or even thought-provoking post today, but I have just spent the last 4 hours putting lights on our new Christmas tree, including a trip to Walmart in the middle, and I'm still a strand short.  Insert expletives of choice here.

If it weren't already nearly 9 PM and I didn't have a number of other things (including this post) that need to get done before I go to bed, I would totally go back to get that strand so I can just finish the darn thing.  This comes as a surprise to exactly no one.

Perhaps tomorrow will be the day.  But then again, I might just throw up a 3 year old picture and call it a night, too.  I'm such an enigma.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shop Like You've Never Shopped

I have been tracking Black Friday sales like I'm prepping for a fantasy football draft.  (Note to Husband: this is as close to a fantasy football draft as I'll ever get, so enjoy the image.)  And the funny thing is that I don't plan on setting foot in an actual store, if I can help it.  At most, I'll shop a little online, then sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the chaos.

I've honed me plan over years past, when I actually did take myself to brick and mortar buildings.  There was one year I got up at some ungodly hour, tiptoed out of the house, and drove to one particular store, only to see that a) it was cold and rainy, and b) a line already wrapped 3/4s of the way around the rather large establishment.  I immediately recovered from my crazy, drove home, and dove back under the covers.  Then there was the year I went to Walmart with my dad on Thanksgiving night, magically found a parking space, miraculously got the last one of the thing I was there to get, and managed to have a new register open just as I got up to the front to check out.  And then there was last year.

But this year, none of that.  I'm all about the internet, while I munch on leftovers and another piece of pumpkin pie.  Of course, that assumes my dad doesn't get an itch to shop and need his partner.  I'll go, if only for the story I'll be able to tell the next day.

What are your plans for the kickoff to holiday shopping?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Not a Good Way to End the Day

I was just sitting here, catching up on Twitter and thinking about what to write for today, when I heard Chris say the 3 most horrible words in the English language: "She's throwing up."

Sabrina turbo-barfed all over the bathroom, hallway, and her bed.  She hit the toilet, but mostly on the outside.  Seriously, she made the Exorcist look tame.  I think she tossed last week's cookies.

Did I mention we just had carpet in the hallway and Sabrina's room, as well as the tile in the bathroom professionally cleaned for lots of dollars - today?  Yep, that was money well spent.

So after an hour plus of scrubbing and bleaching, I am finally sitting here writing.  Aren't you lucky?

* I believe this is the result of some very poor, very greasy food choice this evening, but I'm not one to hedge my bets, so healthy thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

20 Down

So I spent the day painting my front door (a story I will have to share another day, particularly when the whole project is 100% finished and I can take a picture).  By this I mean to say I've exhausted all my everything, so look at my crazy hooligans.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Here Today, Hair Tomorrow

This is a picture of Sabrina and I gussied up to go to her cheerleading banquet Sunday night.

And this is a picture of my hair after a blissful 2 hours of salon time.

Things to note:

 - I don't get my hair cut very often ($$$), so when I do, I have my stylist (whom I have known since I was 14 and who knows my hair better than I do, and it's my head) trim it ever so slightly shorter than I would like it to be.  My hair grows incredibly fast, and if I didn't give myself this extra trim, I'd be whining that my hair is too long again 2 weeks later.

- Speaking of 2 weeks, I have learned to give myself a 2 week buffer before I can truly decide if I dislike a 'do.  I no longer accept what I see as soon as the cut is finished because I haven't a single prayer of making it look the same way on my own (good or bad), so I have to play with it for awhile before I really know.  It took me a looooooooong time and a lot of frustration to figure this out, but you don't have to.  There you go.

- She used mousse and a round brush, but not flat iron.  This accounts for the current mushroom-ness of the 'do.

- Photography is not one of Chris's strong suits.

Overall, I'm happy, I desperately needed some of the heavy bulk to go away and to break up some of the, I don't know, solidness of the look.  It's a little soccer momish, but I'll work on it.  Or I'll take myself to Ulta and spend an obscene amount of money.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

30 Days

A month ago, it was warm and sunny.  I was wearing a light dress.  I hadn't eaten a single bite.  I went to the doctor.

This morning, it was cold and blustery.  It snowed yesterday.  I was wearing jeans, a sweater, boots, and jewelry.  I had breakfast and a latte.  I went to the doctor.

(I'm fine.  It was a follow up.)

Even with all those factors working against me, I weighed less today.  I have no idea how much since I never face forward on the scale and do my level best to never learn the number of pounds that make up me (the number just gives me agita), but I don't care.  Less!  Woo!

Best feeling.

Monday, November 17, 2014


I am slowly but surely making progress on my Christmas shopping, I think.  I really need to pull out all the gifts I've bought so I can assess, but that depends on 2 things, 1) I can actually find where I've hidden everything, and 2) I don't have extra eyes watching my movements.  Chris is off this week and the kids the next.  So, December?

I do have some difficult to buy for people left on my list, and this annoys me.  I'd like to have everything thought out by now, or at least an inkling of a plan, but... bupkis.  Serious blankness.

We have 3 Thanksgivings in the next week.  Stretchy pants ahoy!

This morning, I got up early to sign up Sabrina's scout troop for special cookie sales that won't actually happen for over 2 months.  But if you want the prime locations and times, you had to get in on early pre-dawn shenanigans.  I was watching this business like it was the last 3 seconds of an eBay auction.  Whatever, I got 1 of only 2 slots at a very high traffic spot.  Victory!  Booyah!

Yes, this was the highlight of my day.

Well, not entirely.  I did get my husband's Christmas gift, and he is notoriously hard to gift.  Never mind his birthday is hot on the heel of the Christmas season and I'll soon be scrambling again.  I'll take my moment.

Aaaand that's all I got, Folks.  See ya tomorrow.