Monday, November 20, 2017

Random Cleaning Post

I started the great ramp up to Thanksgiving prep work today (which leads to Saturday when we host all of Chris's side of the family, so I have a little more time but also have to decorate for Christmas, so, still busy).  Thanks to having older children who can stay out of the way and not demand my presence every 3 minutes, I was able to get the kitchen and bathrooms scrubbed top to bottom.  (Yes, I wish they could help, but despite my training, they have not mastered any cleaning techniques whatsoever.  I'm thinking boot camp might be in order in the foreseeable future.)  And just because I'm a glutton for punishment, I also cleaned out the drawers in my bathroom, which I have not done... ever. 

It was like some dirty, toothpaste covered museum.  Some of the makeup would have needed carbon dating to determine its age.  There were free range q-tips and bobby bins in every single drawer.  And used toothbrushes?  I don't even know.  I found the curling iron I used in college.  I doubt it even heats up anymore, but there it was.  Why does Chris have so many electric razors and trimmers?  He only has 1 face.  Why did I save every lotion and cleaner sample I have ever touched and never used any of them?  All told, I think there were 27 tiny dentist visit sized floss packs and at least 9 travel toothpaste tubes.  And countless toothbrushes (this time, I'm talking new ones).

It was a bizarre experience, and I think the trash can has more in it than the drawers now.  Just in time for the kids to go to the dentist and bring home more samples.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Frozen, Figuratively and Literally

Frozen is on TV at my mother-in-law's house.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Date Night

We were gifted last minute theater tickets, so we are pretending to be grownups while the kids get spoiled by their grandparents. I'm even wearing makeup. But if I stay awake through the whole thing, it will be a miracle.

Friday, November 17, 2017

There are 2,618 Colleges in the US Alone

Fade in: a young teen is working on a project for school, a virtual tour of a selected college.  (Editor's Note: Why 7th graders have to be concerned about colleges is beyond me and ridiculous busywork.)  Teen is hard at work writing and recording voiceovers to go with the presentation he has put together in school.  His mother is in the kitchen, making yet another dinner.  (Ed. Note: Always with the feeding.)  Mom listens in...

Teen: "Hi, Everyone!  This is Sammy Vrla, coming to you from the University of Texas!"

Mom darts around the corner.

Mom: "What did you just say?"

Teen, confused: "... the University of Texas?"

Mom: "Of all the schools in the world, you chose UT?"

Teen, still confused: "Um, yes?"

Mom: "Do you see why this is a problem?"

Teen, continuing to be clueless: "...No?"

Mom: "I went to Texas A&M, their big rival!  You remember?  Our fight song calls out UT specifically?  You have the t-shirts and everything!"

Teen, starting to form a clue, not not completely: "Oh.  Sorry?"

Mom: "You're fired."

Cut to Teen cleaning toilets with a toothbrush.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Check Your Girls

Today I took care of all my lady business.  So may this serve as a reminder to the ladies who need to visit their doctors and have their mammograms.

The idea of my first mammogram was frighteneing.  I'd heard so many stories of squishing, pulling, and stre-e-e-tching that I was certain I'd come home in a cloud of pain with my upper respiratory area hanging down to my ankles.  None of that happened.  Sure, your boobs are going to be jostled around and tugged, resituated and sandwiched between plastic plates.  But it doesn't feel like they're trying to cold roll your flesh into a pancake.  And it can be pretty fast.  I was in an out inside of 15 minutes today.  So I have a bit of time to kill before going to meet my new doctor.

I don't like change.  Is this a surprise?  No, not to any single person on this planet.  So when my lady doctor of over 14 years up and quit practicing and gave me 2 weeks' notice, it's a wonder I didn't a) go screaming up to her office and beg her to stay, b) dissolve into a puddle right then and there, or c) both.  Don't get me wrong, I was good and angry (still am - it felt like being fired).  But I still had to get stuff done, so I did.  I made an appointment.

I was fine.  Everything was fine.  The new doctor is fine.  It's still weird, and hey, what wouldn't be after 14 years, but I can deal.  She didn't ask any awkward questions and got me to open up about a few questions I was hesitant about bringing up myself in a relatively comfortable way.  Actually, the worst part was when they asked to take my picture for their files.

After taking care of all that, you bet I went straight for the biggest hamburger I could find.  I deserved it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I'm not feeling so hot today, so of course I have a meeting in my house where I have to talk tonight.  So please enjoy this picture of my kids.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Movin' and Groovin'

For 12 years, I have run 3 times a week.  But I'm not a natural runner.  Every step is earned.  I will never win a race.  I will never enter a race.  I keep at it because I need to do it, both for my physical health and my mental health.  It's what I do.

My children, however, have an innate talent for running.  They have long legs (where those came from I have no idea) and natural gaits and I can see how far they could go (figuratively and literally) if they choose to develop their abilities.  But they can't stand it.  Oh sure, Sammy doesn't mind running a mile in PE class every now and then, but the interest ends at the finish line.  Sabrina would prefer not to push off the starting line. 

I hope that one day this will change and they might pick up running, at least for enjoyment or health or stress management or whatever.  No pressure.  Just a little sweat.  I wouldn't mind a running buddy (as long as they don't leave their old mom in the dust).