Friday, November 24, 2017

Gluing Day

In recent years, today has become known as Black Friday.  But in even more recent years, at least as long as I've been using today to prep for in-law Thanksgiving and decorate for Christmas, it has become Gluing Day. Because something always comes out of the decoration bins broken.  Today has been no exception, and part of the evening will include peeling super glue off my fingers.

By tonight, I will have fixed a nutcracker, a tree, a Santa whose tiny styrofoam pebble stuffing decided to make a break for it all over the house, and probably a fee ornaments yet to be determined.  And that doesn't count whatever my folks nneed glued because I am the designated family gluer.  I'll wear that mantle. I'm pretty good at it. Bring me your broken stuff. I might glue myself to it temporarily, but I'll put that dumpty back together.

And then tomorrow, the in-laws will invade and there will be much merriment (hopefully everyone) and much exhaustion (definitely me). I'm prepping now.

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