Thursday, November 23, 2017

I Hope You Got to Nap

I tried to post earlier today, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from my turkeys to yours, but I guess the tryptophan got to Blogger and it wouldn't post, so OK.

It has been a lovely, quiet day filled with carbohydrates, online shopping, laughter, and pie.  We didn't have a huge group around the table (that'll be Saturday, good gravy), but having just the 6 of us meant everyone got a seat at the big table and everyone was part of the conversation.  And other than Sabrina trying to bring up politics, it was excellent conversation. As were the hugs.  Lots of that today.

We even made a trek into the apocalyptic wasteland that is Walmart on Black Friday Eve.  (Since it was more than an hour after opening, it just had a picked over garage sale vibe.  We bought... celery.)  And now we're home, the kids are in bed, I'm running that last load of laundry I forgot about, and I'm contemplating if any new sales will pop up tomorrow since most everything got going over the past 24 hours.  If you are in person shopping in the AM, via con Dios.

I hope your Thanksgiving was joyous in every way possible.  I am thankful for much more than I can even count.  And I hope that there is even more for us all to give thanks next year.  And have a Good Black Friday!

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