Saturday, November 25, 2017


19 1/2 pound turkey roasted.  20 people fed.  Merriment achieved.

My mother in law was under the weather and couldn't make it to the in-law Thanksgiving, which was a bummer but for the best.  Hopefully, she can make it to Christmas, which thankfully is not at my house (thank you, Cousins, for offering to host another year).  It was extra warm, so people (especially of the kid variety) could mill about outside and not pack inside the house like sardines.  There was plenty of wine and other spirits, a good selection of appetizers (I could have eaten the entire bowl of what I would call baked brie dip, but really who cares what it was really called because melty cheese), and even a variety of green things mixed in with the carbs (including the poor tossed salad that never gets eaten).  I didn't take enough pictures again because I was busy making sure all the food was warm, available, and not accidentally dropped on the carpet.  Everyone seemed happy and even a bit reluctant to leave.  Good day.

Now, turkey stock is simmering on the stove, the house is almost back in order (get busy, Kids), I am in my jammies, and I just have to wrap this up before I go sit between my husband and the TV so he knows I want a should rub.  Good on ya, Thanksgiving 2017.  How about we do this again next year?

The Bird

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