Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I've tried to get a head start, and I feel like I'm both ahead of and behind in the game all at the same time.  I finally got over myself and put together Amazon wish lists for the kids and myself.  I can't really say why I haven't done it before now.  Maybe it felt a little bit like giving my family a menu and telling them what to get me, and that makes me uncomfortable.  But it's been surprisingly helpful so far. 

I've found a couple of sites/gadgets/widgets/whatchamacallits that have been incredible helpful in making sure I'm not throwing away money, and I'm sharing them here.  I vastly enjoy saving money and getting a great deal, and I love it even more when my people do, too.  So here's what I've been using this season to achieve those goals.

Honey - this is a Google Chrome add on that will tell you when the item you are considering on Amazon is at the best available price.  Right there on the description page.  If you have the best deal, it says so.  If you don't, tells you where it is. Maybe it's just a no sales tax listing, maybe it's a lower price altogether, but it's all money in your pocket.  Nice.

Camelcamelcamel - you add your Amazon wishlists (the URLs for any and all you've created and want to watch), and CCC will send you an email when the price drops.  Just this morning, CCC told me that an item on each of the kids' lists dropped by 50%, so I snapped them up.

Wikibuy - another Chrome widget (or iPhone app) that tells you alternate places to find your Amazon cart items cheaper.  This one can be a little glitchy, but it just might direct you to a site that hadn't come to mind or showed up on a Google search that can save you a ton.

With the help of these little gizmos, I'm feeling much more relaxed about my shopping this season.  I'm getting to spend a lot more time sitting down, having the deals delivered right to me rather than hoofing it from store to store.   Now if could just remember to look for gifts for my family and friends instead of myself...

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