Thursday, November 17, 2016

Good Thing I Checked in Advance

You know what's super fun and great for your ego?  Trying on outfits for your upcoming (ahem, tomorrow) high school reunion.  Yeah, that really sucks.

The dress I had planned to wear was perfect in my mind, and it coordinated so perfectly with my fancy trench that I will probably need when the temperature drops like 40 degrees in the next 24 hours.  But i put that sucker on this morning, and oh my, no no no no no.  Was the material always this thin?  Where did that lumpy bumpy roll come from?  Is it even possible to find undergarments that work with that neckline?  Gah!  So, time to ransack the entire closet.

I tried a few things, but nothing felt like it would give me the confidence I would need to see and be seen by ladies I haven't been in the same room with in [redacted] years. Back when they (note I am not saying we, no not even close) were all size negative 4, had nary a single line on their faces nor a care in the world.  I know time has marched on for all of us, but in my anxiety-addled mind, they are still living in a perfect chrysalis of a teenage dream.  And I'm the old lady who lived in a shoe.  Or something like that.

Anywho, I pulled another dress from the recesses on my closet that I've never worn and frankly didn't think I'd ever fit in, but I'd already destroyed my self image, so why not give it a whirl?  Not only did it fit, it looked pretty good.  Hey now! 

Problem is, this dress is bright freakin' red.  I mean RED red.  This is going to take a lot from inner me, which I can do, but now I have to change everything else I was planning to wear - jewelry, makeup, nail color.  But not the shoes.  The shoes are awesome with everything.  So I just made a mad dash to the store for new nail polish and I hope I can pull this all together without looking like a streetwalker trying to get into a country club.  Fingers crossed.

And really, let's get down to brass tax: God bless Spanx, forever and amen.

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