Friday, November 18, 2016


  • I am mostly recovered from my cold, but my voice hasn't.  The upside is I can belt out a mean "Smelly Cat."
  • Our school district has always held a turkey drive this time of year, but apparently the FDA listened to the lobbyist turkeys and we can no longer collect frozen birds.  It's a canned food drive this year instead.  I am not complaining about that because my kids can carry in their own canned goods.
  • My children seem to think that "being too excited" about fill-in-the-blank is an acceptable reason to stay up after bedtime. I am too excited about them going to bed.  I win.
  • My radio station switched over to Christmas music Wednesday.  I'm all for Christmas, but I'm also super pro-Thanksgiving, so I'm torn.  But it's also 80 degrees here, so maybe Christmas music is a tidge hard to listen to right now.
  • Sabrina asked me if we could make one of those wind sock people use see blowing around outside car dealerships.  I appreciate her crafting ambition, but I'm pretty sure even Martha Stewart would say, "Now, Girl..."
  • That's all I got today.

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