Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Now I Have to Buy Her New Jewelry

Earlier this fall (fall being a relative term since it's still 80 degrees in November),  Sabrina finally got her ears pierced.  We had decided together* that 8 years old would be a good age for this milestone because she would be able to take care of the required maintenance herself**.  So the requests began to ramp up considerably immediately following her birthday in April. 

But then, she added a wrinkle.  Some of her friends were talking about getting their ears pierced and could they all do it together?  Well, why not?  So I talked to the moms and told them to get in touch when their girls were ready.  But it turned out their girls weren't quite as ready as we'd*** been led to believe.  So the concept languished over the summer.

After school started, Sabrina said her friend S was talking about ear piercing again, so approached S's mom.  She said S was pretty nervous, but that their other friend H was ready and that S would love to be a cheerleader.  So I rounded up the moms, picked a Saturday, and made an appointment for 2 girls to get pierced ears.  Yay!  I was so excited for Sabrina and her friends.  I remember so much about getting my ears pierced (when I was 8 - what a totally unexpected coincidence) that I couldn't wait to share the experience with her.  I mean, I didn't get to do my ears at a place literally coated in sugar and glitter with several of my closest friends, but it was cool nonetheless.  I even showed her my collection of tiny earrings from when I was a kid (yes, they are hers to wear now - I'm not a monster).

We got the store a bit early, and then one by one, the girls showed up.  First, S, who had found her courage and was ready to do the deed.  Then H, and then N, whom I didn't know was coming but tagged along after a softball game earlier that morning.  Luckily, the kind ladies at the store didn't balk that I'd just doubled the number of girls for which I'd made the appointment.  The girls took and inordinately long time choosing their studs (which was their prerogative since they'd be wearing them for a little girl eternity), got alternately nervous and brave, made it through the ear-dot-to-make-sure-they-don't-end-up-lop-sided phase, and then one at a time, sat in a big pink throne while a lady on either side of her head simultaneously triggered guns that shot tiny pointy projectiles through their lobes.  Nobody chickened out.  And Sabrina went first, which made me a little bonus proud.

Following the trauma of having weapons make holes in their heads, the girls were also treated to glitterized face paint and photo shoot to show off their sparklies.  I think their smiles were brighter than the new hardware shining in their ears.  Sabrina and I then made a day of it with shopping, ice cream, and a ladies' dinner out (at a place that they boys - who were camping - would definitely not have chosen).  It was a thoroughly delightful day, and I hope Sabrina always remembers it as fondly as I will.

*Mostly me.
**Yeah, right.  I knew this would fall to me.  I was right.
***Again, me.

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