Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Second Verse, Same as the First

After Monday's adventure in mall Santa stalking, I came home, trimmed up my 5x7 and put it in the traditional frame, not even looking at the 3 other prints I got as a bonus (ha) for paying a miserable amount of money for the picture I wanted.  But later, I went to see about giving one to my parents when I notices one of the prints (a 3x5 I think) cut Sabrina right in half.  Um, no.  I paid too many dollars for 4 pictures to be spit forth from an inkjet printer to let this one go.

I didn't make it to the mall on kidless Tuesday, so this morning, I added a detour to our errands for the day.  I bribed the kids with a treat at the grocery store, then told them what we were doing.  They were mostly cool with it when the realized a second trip to see Santa meant a second round of candy canes from the big man.  Well then.  We walked in about 15 minutes before Santa was due to peek out of his little mall house, as we spent a few quality minutes at Build-a-Bear and mooching samples from the cookie store.  As soon as I saw the elves show up, I beelined over with my crappy print in hand.  I was hoping for either a refund or a retake.  Luckily, the photo elf was properly apologetic and offered us a retake.  Okey dokey.  We hightailed it to the front of the line before the other families I saw descending could get there and waited.

So, round 2.  This time, Santa gave them chocolate chip cookies.  Worth it.

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