Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In the Weeds

There is a Christmas tree in my living room.

Normally, I don't decorate this early, in order to give Thanksgiving its due, but with the twin powers of Chris's busiest season at work ramping up and the impending and apparently unending rain about to bore down on us, you do what you gotta do.  So the tree came in and up.  It's not dressed up in all its finest yet (that's on Friday's schedule), but I checked all the lights, and we're good to go.  Thank all that is merry for any easy year putting that thing up (I've just jinxed myself and the whole business will fall over).

The kids got a grandparent slumber party, which continued into today so I could knock off a big chunk of my to do list.  Sammy got to golf with Grandpa, Sabrina got to bake cookies with Grandma, and I got to clean toilets.  There is something tremendously wrong with this picture.  Sigh.  But things are getting done and that makes me happy.  Check, check, check, all good.  I even made it to the donation center with a whole bunch of stuff I accidentally unearthed in my cleaning frenzy. That's got me on a tear to purge.  I hope the urge continues until next week when I might actually have a minute of two to work on it. 

So, back to that bit about the weather.  On Saturday, when I'm going to have a good 25 plus people in my house, it's supposed to be day 3 of consistent rain with a high temperature of 44.  In Texas, that's cold.  And miserable.  And means people will not go outside on my newly refurbished deck and sit on the new patio cushions I just bought and damnit.  Where are these people going to go?  This is not a mansion.  The garage has been suggested, but that means I have to add clean out the garage to my list this week and I wasn't going to worry about that until the spring.  Ugh. 

So that's where my head is at today.  Clearly, my head needs a glass of wine.

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