Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weather or Not

Today was a dreary, cold, wet day.  For me, this means I want to hunker down on the sofa in my cozy clothes and do nothing more strenuous than watch whatever movie happens to be on TV (Ocean's Eleven FTW!). 

Chris is the opposite, I think.  He just can't sit still and has to find an activity outside the house.  He uses the kids as an excuse ("They need to get out and get some exercise!"), but I know it's mostly because he's antsy.  You'd think I'd know this about him by now, but it surprises me every single time.  I mean, really?  Who doesn't love couch time?

So I wonder, if the weather isn't the best, do you embrace your inner sloth or do you need a distraction?  And if you're the distraction type, maybe you could come hang with Chris so he doesn't drive me nuts.

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