Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crashing the Party

Yesterday afternoon, we went to visit my grandmother, and walked smack dab in the middle of a fall festival.  They had a popcorn bar (you could make it spicy, sweet, and add things to it - pretty cool), lots of candy, hot cider (and beer for those who imbibe), and carnival games like tossing pennies in a cup, bean bag throwing, and guess how many M&Ms are in a jar.  The kids were in heaven.

A small note (of bragging) about my kids: they love to visit the residence where my grandma lives, and not just because they're having parties like this all the time.  They (particularly Sammy) genuinely enjoy visiting with all the people there and helping them out if they need anything.  And they're always up for picking up the chairs after a party is over (I do not know where this love of folding chairs comes from, but I will take the assistance, thank youand good night).

Sammy was annoyed when everyone started leaving to get ready for dinner - he knew there were 20 more minutes until the meal was served and he didn't want to lose valuable fun time. 

We ran into some friends whose grandmother had just moved in, and we did our best to make all of them feel welcome and comfortable in the new environment, since were old hats by now.  My grandma has already taken their grandma under her wing, showing her the ropes.  I hope we made them all feel like coming there was a good decision.

I have no pictures because honestly, we were just dropping by the say hello.  But just imagine the look of joy on a 92 year old woman's face when she learned she'd won $10 for the best penny toss score. 

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