Monday, November 17, 2014


I am slowly but surely making progress on my Christmas shopping, I think.  I really need to pull out all the gifts I've bought so I can assess, but that depends on 2 things, 1) I can actually find where I've hidden everything, and 2) I don't have extra eyes watching my movements.  Chris is off this week and the kids the next.  So, December?

I do have some difficult to buy for people left on my list, and this annoys me.  I'd like to have everything thought out by now, or at least an inkling of a plan, but... bupkis.  Serious blankness.

We have 3 Thanksgivings in the next week.  Stretchy pants ahoy!

This morning, I got up early to sign up Sabrina's scout troop for special cookie sales that won't actually happen for over 2 months.  But if you want the prime locations and times, you had to get in on early pre-dawn shenanigans.  I was watching this business like it was the last 3 seconds of an eBay auction.  Whatever, I got 1 of only 2 slots at a very high traffic spot.  Victory!  Booyah!

Yes, this was the highlight of my day.

Well, not entirely.  I did get my husband's Christmas gift, and he is notoriously hard to gift.  Never mind his birthday is hot on the heel of the Christmas season and I'll soon be scrambling again.  I'll take my moment.

Aaaand that's all I got, Folks.  See ya tomorrow.

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