Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Counting Her Blessings

One of the many seasonal art projects Sabrina has made recently involved turning a paper bag into a turkey and adding construction paper tail feathers, each adorned with something worthy of their thanks.  Here is what Sabrina is thankful for this year (in no particular order other than I'm reading them from leftmost feather to rightmost feather):

Maddie (a new friend in her class, in plain sight during the turkey making)
My Mother
My Brother
My Family
Matthew (her buddy from preschool for whom she still continually professes her love, tells me that she has kissed, and is the groom in the many, many drawings of her wedding)
Elise (ditto on the new friend situation, and also sitting in front of her at the time)

The boyfriend business is a little troubling, but other than that and maybe her lack of singling out her father (sorry, Daddy!), I'm OK with her list.  Especially on the cookies.

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  1. Spencer had to write two sentences about what he was thankful for, for homework yesterday. Apparently he's thankful for his family and food.