Thursday, November 21, 2013

Can I Start Drinking Now?

You recall that field trip I mentioned a few days ago?  Well, the weather held, so it's on.  But I'm off.  Sigh.

Sabrina wasn't quite herself this morning, but then again she's also going through a DRAMA phase (let's just say diva doesn't quite cut it).  I had no backup babysitting available.  Since wasn't running a fever and said she was ready for school, so off we went.  All the while, I' was running scenarios in my head and decided my best bet would be to drive myself to the field trip (instead of catching a ride with a mom friend) and be ready to high-tail it outta there if I got the dreaded call.

I didn't get that far.  I ran home, showered, printed a map (yes, old school), and headed for my car.  I was rounding the trunk when my cell phone rang.  Yup, the school.  Sabrina had just barfed all over herself and 'd need to pick her up.  Joy.

I went to tell Sammy the bad news, and he wasn't happy.  But by the time I left, I think he'd accepted the situation.  He'll still have a good time.  But man, am I disappointed.  I really wanted to go on this field trip.  I know that sounds weird, but I was really looking forward to remembering a moment in my childhood (I'd been on this field trip as a student myself) and reliving it with my own child.  I'm bummed.

Perhaps there would be less bummage if my daughter hadn't walked out of the nurse's office smiling and looking for all the world like there wasn't a germ in her body.  She fairly bounced to the car (not because she was happy to leave school because she loves it, but I'm not sure exactly why).  She was also, dare I say it, proud of her in school vomitage (I'm blaming proximity to little boys and their enjoyment of bodily emissions).  She did come home and go right to bed, so maybe there is some sickness left, and I feel for her. but I'm betting she'll be completely normal before the afternoon.  She just doesn't get sick very often, and when she does, it's for but a moment.  Amazing immune system in that one.

As we left, the nurse told me that since she threw up today, she couldn't come back Friday and they'd be happy to see her Monday.  Except Monday is the first day of Thanksgiving break, so no, they won't.  But Friday is Sammy's pioneer parade, when the whole third grade dresses in pioneerish clothes (yay for recycling last year's Davy Crockett costume) and march around the school for 15 minutes.  Did I mention the lack of babysitting problem?  Yeah.  I'm either going to have to sneak her into the school to watch (which actually may work if I'm careful) or beg my neighbor (who is also coming down with something, gah sickness) to watch her for a few so I can snap some pictures.  I can't disappoint my little man 2 days in a row, so I'll figure out something.  If anybody's available from 8 to 8:15 tomorrow and willing to watch a probably not at all sick little girl, let me know.

In the meantime, I am eating apple coffee cake I found in the freezer, wishing Starbucks would deliver, and online shopping for a woe is me present.  Please send happy, germ-free thoughts and any pick me ups you can imagine.  I'll be here with my can of Lysol.

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  1. When Spencer got that bug he was dancing and singing Blue Danube in the shower after every puke. I hope she's better by now and you were able to hit the parade!