Friday, November 22, 2013

A Little Bit of Nothing

I think I've been subconsciously avoiding this space all day.  I mean, to the tune of, gee, let's clean the stove! instead of writing.  So let's just stick to some random bullet points, shall we?

  • Sabrina was just dandy after I got her home and forced her to take an hour nap. She never ran a fever, and by the afternoon, was running laps around the kitchen table.  So when we went back to school to pick up Sammy, I showed her to Sammy's teacher and asked if I should send her to school Friday.  She said yes.  So, school.  
  • I think her tummy trouble is related to a spill she took on the playground the previous day.  I got a call from the nurse telling me about the header she took off the monkey bars and that she had never seen a kid's face more covered in dirt or mouth so full of mud.  She even advised that Sabrina might have a tummy ache that night from swallowing some of it. 
  • I was worried all day that I'd get a phone call from the school to pick her up (for a technicality on which I call shenanigans because policy says 3 vomit instances in a 24 hour period which we did not have) and have to endure a reprimand for not following policy (which would not have been true anyway).  I hate being reprimanded.  I don't like anybody thinking I did something wrong.  But it didn't happen, so I was just on edge all day instead of feeling guilty (for no reason) and generally disgruntled.  Win?
  • I finally bit the bullet and hired carpet cleaners to clean the front of our house.  Yes, the carpet was filthy.  I have 2 children who have a talent for dripping apple juice all over the place.  Sue me.  The cleaner guy was giving me lots of judgey side eye and made me move my own furniture, which is fairly stinky.  But after I slammed me thumb in the train table (and screamed in pain), he got a little nicer and didn't comment after that.  The carpet looks great now, and there will no longer be apple juice anywhere but the kitchen.  Also, we are living Japanese-style and leaving our shoes at the door.  Prefect for the just barely above freezing weather that descended last night.
  • Our power randomly went out this afternoon just as we were getting ready for karate class, so we couldn't leave (I couldn't get the car out of the garage, shut up I didn't want to manually open or close it).  Of course it came on a few minutes after class would have started.  Sorry, Sammy.
  • The kids are now off for an entire week for Thanksgiving.  Excuse me while I stand up with my cane and grouse that we only got 2 days for Thanksgiving.  Now get off my lawn.
  • What am I going to do with 2 feral children for a week while I get ready to host a meal for 25 people?  It's supposed to rain at least through Tuesday.
  • Due to the weather, the first of 3 Thanksgiving dinners might be in jeopardy.  We'd be traveling north where the weather is usually worse, and the dinner's location is in a new pavilion that I'm told isn't heated (see above for just skating the freezing point temperatures).  But I still want to go.  And I don't want to tell the kids if we don't.  Sigh.
  • OK, enough bullets.  I'm shot has it is.  Heh.  See? Terrible joke.  I'll just be going now.

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