Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bus Rides & Sack Lunches

Thursday is Sammy's 3rd grape field trip.  Field trip days were pretty much the best days of the school year, right?  I remember them so vividly, visits to the zoo (yes, even in high school for some reason), museums, even the bus wash (last minute change of venue, to be sure).  Kids so full of energy at the beginning, and completely drained by the ride home.  When my own kids were tiny, I imagined the day when I could tag along as a parent volunteer, just as my mom did so many times, and I'm happy to say I haven't missed one yet.  Almost once, but that's because the teacher forgot to buy my ticket.

So, Thursday, we're supposed to go to a historical park downtown, a place where I went on field trips back in the day.  I guess since history is history, this place can stay the same generation after generation.  I'm so excited.  I plan to repeat a little activity I started on last year's excursion and take along an extra point & shoot camera so I can let the kids in my charge take pictures of whatever they want (I'll download & make CDs for them afterward). Very sunrise, sunset.

However, I see the forecast is for cold & rainy weather.  Joy.  Think good thoughts for a turnaround, please?  I mean, this is Texas.  If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute.  I'm hoping that minute brings sunshine.

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