Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkey Is a Marathon

Today was the first of 3 Thanksgiving dinners, this one in the small town where my sister lives.  Now, she and her family will be joining us on Thursday, but her tight-knit community throws quite the little shindig the Sunday prior, and it’s become a tradition that we go.

It seems like not only the entire town but entire neighboring ones show up and stand in line for an hour just to get near the food (which is fabulous).  There is a silent auction, a craft fair, and a bake sale.  I’ve heard many tales about the live auction that goes on in the evening, as I’ve never witnessed it in person, and how obscene amounts of money are spent on things like bottles of liquor and bales of hay (yes, really).  They set up bounce houses, face painting, and games for the kids.  Mine particularly like riding the train composed of cut out metal barrels driven by and ATV.  They take several trips on that thing.

So we had a wonderful day, and now I’m looped on tryptophan such that my brain is tapioca.  Tomorrow begins the epic battle between getting the house clean and keeping the truant (not really – school’s out for the week) children occupied, and I find this sentence terrifying, to say the least. So, over and out.

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