Monday, November 19, 2012


My apologies.  I have nothing left today.  This is the first day of fall vacation / Thanksgiving holiday / let's give the gives a whole week off to throw the parents into a tizzy, which coincides with my plan to start scouring the house for guests this weekend (I couldn't start earlier or the other house occupants would muck it up again).  So, it's after 8:30, the kids are running around like Pygmy savages, and I'm elbow deep in the remains of a carton of ice cream.  But the kitchen is clean (including the floor, which I scrubbed on my hands and knees with magic erasers - hey, Mr. Clean, let's make a magic eraser mop, OK?), as there is a tablecloth on the dining room table, and I can check off all the boxes on my list for today.  Now, please excuse me while I snarf down this ice cream.  I have to prepare for my attack on the bathrooms tomorrow.

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