Saturday, December 10, 2011

Monkey Wrench

Well, today didn’t turn out exactly like I planned.

Sammy was invited to a birthday party for the girl down the street; our families have known each other since our kids were born, and Sammy and Naomi are both in 1st grade at the school across the street. Now, my mama raised a traditional girl who follows all the rules she can, so when I saw that this was a bowling party and the evite was addressed to Sammy, I didn’t really think it was appropriate to show up with a rambunctious 3 year old in tow (whose name was not on the evite). So we decided Chris would take Sammy and I would distract Sabrina. (I told her they boys were making deliveries, which is technically true because they delivered the birthday gift to the birthday girl). But half an hour later, here’s a phone from Chris saying please come, Sabrina is included and more than welcome.

Have I mentioned I had not yet showered after my 5 mile run this morning? Classy.

But being the mom who wants to see her kids happy, I took her. And she had a blast, of course (although I was right that the bowling was not up her alley, ha ha). But then I noticed Sammy rubbing his eye. And rubbing. And rubbing. And rubbing. And then it started to swell. And turn pink. And ooze. Great.

After a bite of cake, I scurried him home where I gave him eye drops and Benadryl and let him lay about watching movies with his one good eye. But I couldn’t deny it any longer, and the eye wasn’t looking any better, so I took him to the clinic where they said, yup, pink eye, here are your meds. This effectively cancelled our plans to take the kids to a Polar Express pajama party tonight, but before I could tell Sammy that, he said he just wanted to go home and that Sabrina shouldn’t miss the movie. How awesome is my little guy?

And so Chris and Sabrina, in brand new jammies for the occasion, went off to see the movie and drink cocoa with a hundred other kids, while I stayed home and watched the same movie and drank cocoa with one kid, also in new jammies for the occasion. All in all, a good night anyway.

But tomorrow at the holiday pancake breakfast we’ll be hitting up, Santa Sammy might be visiting Santa wearing an eyepatch. Festive.


  1. My daughter has pink-eye, too. Trying to keep her away from her baby brother is exhausting.

  2. If he gets an eyepatch you should paint some sort of holiday scene on it. Then it would be festive!

  3. That is so sweet, that he wanted his sister to go anyway. I hope he gets better soon!