Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harried Holidays

Holy Cow, has it been a crazy time. But that’s practically the definition of the holidays, right? But I’m doing my best to enjoy every happy holiday moment (and chuckle at the not-so-happy ones), and it’s been a blast. I think I’ve finished the shopping, although I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself wandering around a store over the next few days searching out the gift I forgot or wasn’t up to snuff ultimately, or just sniffing out discounted Christmas decorations. But I hope not, because I’m broke. I totally overdid it this year. No points for me.

Last weekend was the pinnacle in insanity. We had 2 birthday parties and a Christmas party, and that was all Saturday afternoon. I managed to ferry myself and the kids to each one and soak up all the festivity we could. And so we wish a very happy birthday to our friend Brandon and to the twins, Maddie and Izzie. We’re so glad we could celebrate with you.

And then Sunday, we schlepped out to north of nowhere, where Chris’s sister has a camphouse seemingly built to host parties, and so Hub’s side of the family converged to make merry. My sister-in-law brought the marshmallows guns she brought to my house on Thanksgiving for the kids, and this time, I could appreciate the ruckus they spawned, since it wasn’t my property they were desecrating. So much better. We ate entirely too much (sausage cheese puufs, I think I love you) and got really goofy during the annual Christmas swap (Yankee swap, dirty Santa, Chinese Christmas, what do you call it?), and even though some people got a little lazy and just wrapped up cash, I can’t say I minded taking that gift home (thank you, family). I came up with this idea a few years back for us adults so we wouldn’t empty our bank accounts trying to buy presents for everyone, and it’s been a success as far as I can tell. However, no one (except me) seems to be able to remember the rules, the price limit, or even that we’re going to have it, so I came up with a plan. At next year’s Thanksgiving (which I’m sure I’m now obligated to host), I will pass out a festive little explanation sheet with all the information they will need so everyone will be playing the same game. Hopefully, that way, no one will forget (oh sure, they’ll still forget, but that’s not my fault) and no one will spend $50 and going home with a $5 gift (and if they do, again, not my fault, follow the rules, People).

In and about all this activity, I managed to get some holiday baking done, as my stomach compels me. I even had a little Cookie Day with the kids, who hung in there a lot longer than ever before. But I always forget what a giant pain cut out cookies are, and how much more so they are when the short people insist on participating. Oh my lands, I lost count how many times I had to roll out more dough after someone made exactly 2 cookies. We made gingerbread one and chocolate ones, and I had designs on making some more straight up sugar ones (since we ate all the ones they made with Grandma), but at that point, I was done.

I think it’s obvious from this completely disjointed post that the crazy is in full swing and not letting up any time soon. So I’ll just leave you with the evidence of good times and sugar overload.

The amount of icing on their clothes and bodies was astounding.

I promise they taste really good.


  1. This holiday season has been especially crazy. I keep thinking it's like the middle of December when really Christmas is in 4 days. 4!! How did that happen?

  2. We are out of cut out sugar cookies too and I am SO not making any more. Even if they are soooo good. But such a pain. I like how the kids decorated yours, they look great!