Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cake or Death

Allow me to make a belated internet wish of happy birthday to my mom, who celebrated the official anniversary of being her yesterday. I love you more than I can express, Mom, but Sabrina would simply say, ‘I love you fabulous.”

In an effort to convey my heartfelt admiration, I set about making her a birthday cake. This is no small feat since my mom is diabetic, and takes that very seriously. So I sussed out a way to make a sugar free raspberry cake with sugar free icing. Such a good daughter am I. And then I decorated it. With colored sugar crystals.

I didn’t realize my idiocy until this afternoon, as I gazed upon my glorious baked success, right before we sang “Happy Birthday.” Yes, I inadvertently tried to kill my mother with her own cake. Winner child.

(Bonus points to you if you recognize the title.)


  1. Oh, that is sad. And a little funny.

  2. Eddie Izzard.

    And happy birthday to your mom!

  3. One: You got about a million bonus points for quoting Mr. Izzard, because he's one of my favorites.

    Two: I have a friend who gets canker sores if she eats chocolate, so of course I made got her a cheesecake for her birthday. Then served it with chocolate sauce. Because I'm awesome.