Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soliciting Advice

We have these accordion shade things on the windows in our playroom that I’ll admit aren’t that attractive. But they get the job done and didn’t cost anything (unless you consider them part of the mortgage, in which case they cost a bazillion dollars in interest and my head just exploded), so they’ve stayed put. That is, until today when Sabrina decided she would so forcefully pull the cord to life one of the shades that she pulled it right out, rendering it useless. So now I must replace the shades. All of them. I guess I could go all hoopty and just replace the broken one, but, no.

I also hate my mini blinds. They, too, came with the house, and every time I dust them, I curse like a sailor from the hate (in my head – there are younguns around here). Not to mention that the twisty rods for the blinds on the two tallest windows have fallen off, so I end up dislocating my shoulder reaching up to open or close them.

Might I also mention that I admire you creative design people so much because I am discovering that creative design talent is something I just might not possess. Therefore, please tell me what I should do to cover my windows. Money is totally an object, so the less I spend, the better. Also, I do not live in a mausoleum, so heavy curtains (or really curtains at all, given my children’s penchant for playing Tarzan) probably won’t fit the bill. Please help me find something that won’t make me stabby when I look at them (also that will help us keep the meter reader from checking out our bizness and let us see the sun sometimes).


  1. Just here to say I am no help at all. Let us know what you decide to put in though!

  2. I'm not much help - the only blinds we've bought were for the kids room and we didn't go cheap. We bought blackout no-cord blinds - basically 'we don't care how much they cost, we want them to keep all the light out and not not strangle the kids.' It was expensive.

  3. Sound advice: Don't dust!

    I love plantation shutters, but they are $$$. I bought some faux 1.5 inch blinds at

  4. I don't have shades in our playroom because we are rarely in there at night. I tend to like curtains better than blinds because you don't have to dust them (I HATE dusting blinds).