Friday, November 4, 2011

So It Begins

Hallelujah, I finally got the Christmas shopping started! Yes, it will likely take me a month and a half to actually complete it, but it’s started, and that’s a huge load off my mind. The project is on.

I went to a ginormous sample sale, the kind where women (mostly, although there were a few guys as well) line up to get inside a giant hall pulling wheelie carts behind them. My wheelie cart was a stroller, and it contained Sabrina. Rule #1 I’d like to set up for this type of shopping bizness: if you’re going to bring a stroller, make it one of those small umbrella types and not one of those behemoth monsters that can’t properly fit down the aisles, let alone inside the booths or between racks. Just, no. And for the love of 50% off, don’t force it through tight spaces where people are already standing. You are not parting the Red Sea here; you are pissing people off.

Regardless of what I actually bought (mostly niece & nephew gifts), the people watching was fantastic. My favorite was the man sporting gold sequence Ugg boots. I salute you, Sir. (Man, I wish I’s had my camera on me.) It cracked me up to no end to see women fawn over feathered hair accessories who have no business wearing them (seriously, if you’re a grandmother, you might rethink that peacock accoutrement). There was a massive amount of animal print that came in on the bodies of shoppers, and plenty more for them to score. And it would seem I am woefully off trend because I do not own skinny jeans or tall boots to wear over them, and most of my clothing has color. I felt like someone was going to pluck me out of the Sea of Neutral and throw me in sale jail for wearing a purple shirt.

Sabrina did not scream at the sight of Santa, and even gave him a high five, but still refused to have her picture taken with him. She has promised to pose for a proper (read: paid for) photo when the time comes. We’ll just wait and see if she remembers.

So that was my morning. Thought you might want to know.


  1. I am sooo worried about the Santa pictures this year. Elizabeth says that she is going to be brave, but I bet she is going to back out and I am not sure if I can just shove her at Santa and back out of the shot quickly like I did the last two years.

    I started Christmas shopping too.

  2. My problem with starting Christmas shopping (which I've done) is that after I've got a few gifts I start feeling pleased with how ahead of the game I am and then I don't do any more shopping for WEEKS.