Saturday, November 5, 2011


I don’t clearly recall when or how it started. What I do remember is that we were all in the same freshman world history class, so that meant we all had the same lunch period, and at some point during the year, we just started eating together, Amy, Sarah, and I. The next year, Heather joined our table, and our quartet was complete. And inseparable. Sure, there were other friends and our circle grew wider as time went on, but when I really think about high school, these are the people I hold closest to my heart. The four of us.

The last time I saw Heather was at our 10th reunion, and that saddens me, because we were the pair that went off to the same college together, taking care of each other during that scary transition. Somewhere over the year, we just lost touch. Both of us and neither of us are to blame. And since she never was much of a techie, I haven’t been able to find her through the wonders of the internet. I won’t stop trying though. Miss you, H.

Amy and I are so lucky because we’re practically next door to each other. Of course, that means we don’t see each other nearly enough. We have sons that are mere months apart in age, so we get to spend time together under the guise of playdates. (We are determined that our boys will be lifelong friends, just like us, and so far, so good.) We also have little girls, a little bit farther apart in age, but I suspect they’ll be tearing it up together before too long. I know that if I ever need her for anything, she’ll be there in a heartbeat, and I know I’d do the same for her.

Sarah lives a little farther away, but that’s just geography. When we get on the phone, it’s a guaranteed hour and a half gone, and that’s being conservative. When I finally got to visit her after so long, her husband told me that he knows when we’ve had one of our marathons because she can’t stop smiling. Neither can I. It kills me that I wasn’t able to attend her wedding, but I looked at each and every one of her pictures over and over just to get as close a feeling as possible. Just a few days ago, she gave birth to her first son. She is such an amazing friend. I am so happy to see her build her family, and I am gonna love that kid like nobody’s business. We are all aunties to each other’s kids, and that’s as it should be. The next generation of our friendship.

No matter where we are, we are bound together. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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