Saturday, May 23, 2009

Unplanned Hiatus

We made it back from our trip in one piece, and miraculously, with everything we brought with us (the sheer volume of which was ridiculous for 3 days). My dad, my very own personal Geek Squad (and don't think I'm thankful for that every single day - thanks, Dad!), decided to fancy-pants up our computer while we were away. Fantastic. However, it appears my house needs an internet exorcism, because 2 - count'em, 1-2 - computer that work just fine in other houses go completely wacky nuts in mine. Seriously. Dad's house: fine. My house: total wonkfest. Back to Dad's house: happy skippy.

My only explanation is that I must live on top of a giant pocket of energy or magnetism akin to the island on Lost. This might not be so bad if a shirtless Sawyer would show up in my backyard, but no such sighting as yet.

As such, we're borrowing another of my dad's arsenal of computers for the time being (this one is working, but cross your fingers anyway). I'm loathe to save too much to this hard drive, given the propensity for crashes under this roof and the distinct possibility of forgetting what I saved where and not being able to put Jack and Jill back together, so to speak. So new stuffs may be few and far between for the time being. Please forgive but don't forget, enjoy your extra minutes, and I'll be back soon.

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