Monday, March 30, 2009

Playing Around

Chris came home a little early today, so we took advantage of the relatively decent weather (despite the wind – who said anything about March going out like a lamb? This lamb is more like an ice-breathing dragon) and took the kids to the park. It’s an awesome park, built by the community of old school wood (no fancy plastic to induce static charges that blow you halfway across the playground), a fantasy castle fort filled with stair mazes, spider climbs, tunnels, and bridges. Seriously, every kid I’ve ever seen walk through the entrance totally loses his mind.

We’ve been taking Sammy there since he could barely walk and Sabrina even earlier. Both have an affection bordering on obsession with the swings, which they typically visit first until we pry them off. Sammy’s new joy is the tire swing, if he can get on it (it’s terribly popular you see). After that, Sammy is off and I’m hard pressed to find him, maybe on the bouncing bridge or sliding down some chute I swear wasn’t there before. Sabrina is currently content to attempt to stuff as many wood chips in her mouth as possible before I put her in tiny handcuffs (hey, it’s fiber). Neither ever wants to leave.

I try to bring the camera most times, so I have a long progression of photos of my kids growing up at the playground. I wonder how they’ll like it when I force them out there for a quick picture when they’re teenagers?

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