Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Exactly Diet Food, But It's Easy on the Wallet

For the past handful of weeks, every Friday, I’ve loaded up the kids to take a frivolously short trip to Einstein Brothers bagels. The reason: I had a free bagel on Fridays coupon. A free bagel every Friday, and it was reusable until last week. Of course I had to go. Yes, I was irritated by having to belt in 2 kids, drive down the block (OK, a little more than that, or I would have walked), get both of them out of the car for 2 minutes (lest CPS come down on me for leaving my kids in the car even though I could see them the whole time), and repeat the process for the return trip. But my love of Free trumped all of this.

I will admit a deep and abiding adoration for the bagels my cousin gets nearly every day in Claremont, California (I am so jealous, and now I have to get back there to visit, Lynne), which is only matched by my drooling desire for Rude Brothers bagels in South Lake Tahoe. Einstein Brothers are not that type of bagel, but there are quite tasty if you enjoy a slightly doughier circle of… dough. And the Free certainly takes it up a notch. And so I was sad on Friday to bid farewell to the Store of Inconvenient Visits (seriously, is a drive-through too much to ask?), and tried to console myself with thoughts about the evils of carbs and the gas I was saving.

And then today, like the sun after a hailstorm (literally – pea ice cubes all over my lawn last night), my joy returned. A new Free Bagel Fridays coupon. Through April 24. Come on, kids. Mama needs her bakery fix.

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