Friday, March 27, 2009


My daughter absolutely hates diaper changes. The minute she hits the changing table, she somehow dislodges her spine and breaks out her jellyfish belly flop skills to flip over and stand up. Multiple times. Or she turns into Stretch Armstrong to snatch the diaper in half a nanosecond. You can imagine the results of that move.

I had no idea until tonight exactly why she is in such agony. It seems she is a nudist. While I attempted to change her on the floor (to lessen the opportunity to swan dive from a 3-foot height), she wriggled away from me and danced – nay, jigged – around the house in her exposed baby skin. I would have the say the look on her face – utter delight.

In other news, Chris has begun researching convent schools in northern Montana.


  1. Have hope. Amanda was a nudist toddler and managed to grow up without turning into a pole dancer. My theory is that she got it out of her system by age 4. Ask her to tell you about the infamous "Nekkid Girl Dance" (and accompanying song)that was her after bath routine. yeah.

  2. If am surfing in from Sundry Mourning -- and if you have a choice between making your child the youngest or the oldest in his or her class -- make it the oldest. Hands down best decision ever. Your child will be the first for everything and not the last. Don't worry about being taller than other kids -- taller kids have it easier than the shorter littler kids.

    I was one of the youngest in my class -- hated it. My son it one of the oldest in his class-- and he loves it.