Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adventures in Babyland

The motley crew and I accompanied my sister to her 35-week pre-baby checkup today. Our mother has decreed that she is not allowed to go to these later appointments by herself, because it was exactly at one of these later appointments that both I and my sister-in-law went straight from the exam room to labor and delivery without passing go (forget about collecting $200, unless you’re talking about the doctor - pregnancy is expensive). Since the folks are out of town, I was up for duty.

All is well in impending baby-land, so no worries today. We’re all excited about a new wrinkly thing joining our family, even Sammy, who insists it will be a girl (at least today). I’ve been asked to make calls on the big day to relate news to those far and wide and will be given a list of all heretofore contraband items to bring to the new mama. I have a feeling I will be stopping by Subway and Starbucks on my way to the hospital.

The hobgoblins were on their best behavior, save an unfortunate diaper issue that had all of us on the floor of the doctor’s bathroom trying to clean up on the fly (the less said about that, the better – for your dinner). We got to visit with our lovely doctor, who delivered both Sammy and Sabrina and whom I adore. Points to the kiddoes.

On a sad note, a member of our extended family passed away Friday after a very short (known) battle with lung cancer. My heart goes out to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and their kids in such a difficult time. Harold was quite a character and I will miss him.

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