Monday, March 16, 2009

They Should All Run for Office

Finding MEEEEE-MO is currently captivating my son. Empty plastic packaging is entertaining my daughter.

Last week, Chris’s niece and her sons came for a visit. Daniel is a year younger than Sammy and Bruce is a few months older than Sabrina. It took the boys about 7 minutes to warm up to being in a new place, and from them on, I had a marauding band of toddler hooligans tearing through the house. At the end of the evening, Sammy actually hooked his arms around Daniel’s shoulders and told me he couldn’t leave because Daniel was his.

Like most parents, I hold my breath a little whenever my kids meet new people, and especially with family. But so far, my kids have been great, really engaging with adults and children alike. This time, I was actually more worried that their enthusiasm might get the better of them, and there would be some overly aggressive hugging. Maybe there was, but it was accepted with relish, and everyone left happy and wanting 5 more minutes.

Thankfully, my children get their socializing abilities from their father. He’s a charmer, and so are they. Their mother is much more of an introvert. I get nervous at the thought of meeting new people, and it takes me a good long while to feel comfortable in those situations. It takes me a lot of work, while for Chris is seems effortless. I envy him that, but I’m so glad to have him as my wingman (or am I his wingwoman?) when we venture out.

All of this is to say, my family done me proud this week.

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