Thursday, November 9, 2017


I didn't really have anything interesting to write today, and I still don't, but I thought I'd mention that it's just not a good situation to drop a glass jar filled with molasses on your tile kitchen floor.  Especially when you have exactly 3 paper towels in your house.  And 10 minutes until you have to pick up children.

You would think the sticky, oozy molasses would contain the glass shards, but you would be wrong.  They will still shoot almost all the way across the kitchen, causing you to crawl over every inch, after both mopping and vacuuming, to make sure nothing gets embedded in bare feet.   Which will most certainly be flying across the floor despite repeated warnings.  And you will lose sleep worrying that you missed one.  I'll be making extra strong coffee in the morning.

My PSA for the day.  Use as needed.

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