Friday, November 10, 2017


Our Elementary school takes Veterans Day very seriously.  I didn't always know that, and I'm sorry I missed so many years.  When Sabrina's scout troop started participating,  I finally caught a clue.  And about half an hour after last year's ceremony, I caught another clue and realized we did have our own veteran to invite - Captain Jack.

A retired fire captain (hence the title), Jack started our as my dad's golf buddy, then is all the time partner in crime.  I've lost count of all the hobbies they share, and they're both quick to help the other and any family member  whenever it's needed.  He has so much patience with Sammy, whether its in helping him with scout business (Jack is a longtime scout volunteer) or teaching him the ins and outs of golf.  I'm pretty sure both my kids would move in with him if they count, if only to play with his dogs every day.  He's a pretty great addition to the family.  And that's just what I told people when they asked why we invited him today - we all adopted each other.

Sabrina was thrilled and honored to have her own personal veteran at the ceremony.  It made an already lovely day really special. 

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