Saturday, November 4, 2017

Boxed In

Sammy has been building some sort of giant fort in the playroom for the past couple of months.  He hoards every Amazon box that comes to the porch and squirrels extra crates out of Costco.  We're talking serious square footage.  I haven't seen the carpet in there for weeks.  I've also had to add a line to our budget for packing tape.

Despite several warnings, Sammy believes this patchwork of cardboard and tape can be structurally sound (spoiler: it won't).  There have been several screaming matches between boy and box (the box is very stoic).  The frustration is real.  And really exhausting.  For me.  Listening to it. 

Sammy enlisted Sabrina's help, and surprisingly, she agreed.  Even more surprisingly, she's been something of a calming force in the whole endeavor.  Probably because she can see how ludicrous it is to rage at paper products.  They've drafted the playroom cabinets, the min trampoline, and even a camera tripod to act as extra support.  They cut a door that they had neglected to plan before actual wall assembly (they tried to abscond with a box cutter before I nixed that idea; they used scissors, sigh).  And for the moment, it stands.

At least until he tries to put on the roof.

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