Friday, November 3, 2017

Always Looking for Zebras

My husband is the type of person who cannot stand unaccounted for downtime (unless he can sneak off for a nap).  If we have a free afternoon or evening, he is scouring the paper or the internet for a festival, activity, or a game we can play.  (I would prefer to just embrace the couch time. I am rarely allowed the opportunity.)

Tonight was once such open pocket of time.  Tech savvy as he is, he asked me how to download an app and what it would cost.  Once I set him straight on the differences between Apple and Android, he installed Heads Up on his phone, a cross between Taboo and charades.  One person holds up the phone on his forehead so he can't see the clues, and another, well, gives the clues.  Got it.  Go.

I am an excellent clue giver.  It is not my fault that my family cannot pick up on them.  They are fabulous clues.  I am also an excellent guesser.  It is not my fault that my family is just plain crazy.

But Sammy was the best.  Not because he guessed them all or gave easy, obvious clues.  His brain clearly works on a different plane.  Case in point:

Me: "Disney. Famous. Black circular ears."

Sammy: "Chromosomes?"

Me: "Long-necked animal."

Sammy: "Elephant?"

Me: "Raphael.  Michelangelo.  Leonardo."

Sammy: "Basketball players?"

Oh, Kid.  You make us laugh.

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