Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flipping Out

Are you dealing with this bottle flipping business?  This is Sammy's latest obsession, and it's driving me up the ever-livin' wall.  It probably shouldn't, since it's fairly innocuous, but man, after 17,000 thump-thump-thumps, I just cannot take it anymore. 

I had no idea this was a thing.  I still don't know from what hellish You Tube pit it comes from, but it needs to go back there and die.  I believe the origin of this sadistic activity started in our house with Sammy's social studies teacher.  Sammy looooooves him.  He began the year posting videos for his students every Friday, giving shout outs to the class of the week and sneak peeks at the week ahead. Because he was clearly a radio/TV/film major, he has to jazz these little clips up.  And on the very first one, you guessed it - he flipped a flipping bottle.  And included outtakes.  Which turned Sammy into a giggling fool.  And an addict.  A bottle flipping addict.

The other night, I heard the tell tale thumping coming fro his room long after he was supposed to be asleep.  I found him hiding between m his bed and the wall with a camping lantern on, trying a bank shot off the wall.  I commandeered the bottle, and then thought for a second.

"All of them."

"Oh. man!"

Sammy marched over to his table, stuck his arm way underneath it, and proceeded to pull out 4 more bottles.  My sweet little boy has turned sneaky little booger in the name of bottle flipping.  Now I have to search his room.  For water bottles.  Really.  GoodNESS.

I know this too shall pass.  I'd just like that to happen immediately, because I'm about to flip my lid. 

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