Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Own Weather Man

I've known for a few years that one of my neighbors works for a storm tracking service.  Wait, let me rephrase.  I've know that a neighbor has a fancy jeep with a lot of antennae and a sky warn logo on the side, so I assume he works as a tracker or is some kind of Twister-style enthusiast.  I jog by said jeep several times a week and wonder exactly what it is he does.

This afternoon, Sabrina wanted to play with the girl who lives across the street, who was conveniently hanging around outside.  So we went over and asked if she could come play for awhile.  As we were about to cross the street, I saw a car coming out of the corner of my eye, so we stopped to wait.  Hello, Storm Jeep.  Well, Storm Jeep didn't just roll on by - it slowed to a stopped as Neighbor Guy rolled down his window to tell us we were under a tornado warning and to get inside.  For emphasis, he leaned back to show us his way cool radar step up in the passenger seat, all blinking with reds and greens where a storm looked like it was about to barrel down on us.  I thanked him and told him we'd head inside right away.  He nodded and went on, presumably to launch tiny round robots out of a trash can somewhere.

Given that Texas weather is completely unpredictable and can rain veritable hellfire down at a moment's notice, I was grateful for the extra warning.  And even more grateful that the storm fell apart and we didn't have to worry about it for long.  I would like to enlist his services come April when the weather really gets crankin'.

Just a cool little thing that happened today.

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  1. Oooh, this is an excellent service for a neighbor to do. Thumbs up, weather man!