Friday, November 6, 2015

Shop 'Til You Drop

Today was a day I wait for all year - the annual sample sale.  The giant exhibition hall downtown is filled with vendors selling clothing, jewelry, housewares, and all manner of accessories at wholesale or less.  I love this sale.  Not only do I usually find a good portion of my Christmas gifts for family far and wide, I end up with a few goodies for my favorite self, ahem.

This year, in recent years, the sale coincided with Grandparents Day at the kids' school which meant I wouldn't be waiting outside the doors when the sale opened (I realize I am not a grandparent in this scenario, but someone has to take the pictures).  As soon as we finished the lunches and requisite book fair visits (nice dovetailing there, school), my mom and I headed out.  It was nice to have a compadre this year - I'm usually on my own, which I don't mind because I can go at my own speed - to bounce ideas off, help spot special things, and generally kibitz with the whole time. I was totally ready to check off gifts for all my nieces (7), my sister, my sister in law, and if I was lucky, my mother in law as well.  And, let's face it, to spend some quality time with my favorite jewelry seller picking out some presents for me.  I was ready to part with some cash.  Once a year, baby!

We walked the entire floor, and all I came away with was a few outfits for Sabrina from the booth I can always trust to have some cute things (although they raised their prices a bit, bummer), and a couple of necklaces from the aforementioned favorite seller (I typically bring home a good half dozen or more, depending on what I can talk myself into/out of).  Nary a Christmas gift in the bunch.  Disappointing.  Santa didn't even show up to take pictures with the shoppers, and you know he has a little time on his hands before the season really gets rolling.

However, if you need ponchos, leggings you can nearly see straight through, boot cuffs (not even full socks, come on), or anything bedazzled within an inch of its life, I can help you.  If these are examples of current trends, I'm happy to remain hopelessly out of date.

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