Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just Get a Walker and Put Me in It

We are pretty good friends with our neighbors down the street, especially Sammy and their younger son, Carter, who are just months apart in age.  But those months split them across school years, and now that Carter is in middle school, we don't see him as often (I suspect this will course correct when Sammy joins him in middle school next year). 

But Sammy has a fantastic memory for details, and this morning, asked me if Carter's birthday was soon.  And as a matter of fact, I realized it was today.  So I asked Sammy if he wanted to bring Carter a birthday card, and he jumped at the chance (which was probably his plan all along).  So he whipped up a Sammy original birthday greeting, and we walked over to the neighbors' house.  They were happy to see us, and I think genuinely surprised that we remembered this special day.

Sammy, being the curious-alomost-to-the-point-of-creept-but-not-quite, started asking questions about what they were doing today and how they were celebrating, and Carter's mom said they were going out to eat at this crazy restaurants that serve things called the Roman orgy and an ice cream sundae that fills a punch bowl.

"Oh, I love that place!  That's were I had my 16th birthday!" I shireked because I got too excited.

"16!  It's been around THAT LONG???" my friend replied, in shock as though that meant the restaurant had been open before they had electric lights.

She and I are the same age, which I quickly reminded her.  Then I smacked her with my cane.

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