Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shop Like You've Never Shopped

I have been tracking Black Friday sales like I'm prepping for a fantasy football draft.  (Note to Husband: this is as close to a fantasy football draft as I'll ever get, so enjoy the image.)  And the funny thing is that I don't plan on setting foot in an actual store, if I can help it.  At most, I'll shop a little online, then sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the chaos.

I've honed me plan over years past, when I actually did take myself to brick and mortar buildings.  There was one year I got up at some ungodly hour, tiptoed out of the house, and drove to one particular store, only to see that a) it was cold and rainy, and b) a line already wrapped 3/4s of the way around the rather large establishment.  I immediately recovered from my crazy, drove home, and dove back under the covers.  Then there was the year I went to Walmart with my dad on Thanksgiving night, magically found a parking space, miraculously got the last one of the thing I was there to get, and managed to have a new register open just as I got up to the front to check out.  And then there was last year.

But this year, none of that.  I'm all about the internet, while I munch on leftovers and another piece of pumpkin pie.  Of course, that assumes my dad doesn't get an itch to shop and need his partner.  I'll go, if only for the story I'll be able to tell the next day.

What are your plans for the kickoff to holiday shopping?

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  1. I've been debating going here, but I'm a little nervous. I mean, small town black Friday shopping is one thing, but we live in an actual CITY now with like, lots of PEOPLE and stuff :) I definitely won't be doing any of the Thursday night stuff, which makes me wonder if Friday morning will even be worth it.