Friday, November 21, 2014

Not a Good Way to End the Day

I was just sitting here, catching up on Twitter and thinking about what to write for today, when I heard Chris say the 3 most horrible words in the English language: "She's throwing up."

Sabrina turbo-barfed all over the bathroom, hallway, and her bed.  She hit the toilet, but mostly on the outside.  Seriously, she made the Exorcist look tame.  I think she tossed last week's cookies.

Did I mention we just had carpet in the hallway and Sabrina's room, as well as the tile in the bathroom professionally cleaned for lots of dollars - today?  Yep, that was money well spent.

So after an hour plus of scrubbing and bleaching, I am finally sitting here writing.  Aren't you lucky?

* I believe this is the result of some very poor, very greasy food choice this evening, but I'm not one to hedge my bets, so healthy thoughts would be much appreciated.

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