Sunday, November 2, 2014

National Pastime

Football season is over.  Julie, you say, you're crazy.  Football is still going, and hey, the Superbowl isn't until February.  All too true, and yes, it will be on my television from now until forever because that's how my husband rolls.  But as far as I'm concerning, my active participation in football is over for this year because yesterday was Sabrina's last game cheering.  Yes, I have a cheerleader in the house.  Yes, she is 6.

Sabrina has wanted to try out cheerleading for the past year since she discovered our town has cheer squads for the city league football teams.  Any elementary school-aged girl could join, and she picked this over gymnastics, dance, and art classes.  The original plan (or at least MY original plan) was for me to cover karate classes (oh sweet 45 minutes of climate controlled quiet to read while my kid punches foam dummies dressed like the Michelin man) and Chris to handle the weekend football games (see aforementioned way of rolling).  Well, guess who ended up with a numb backside from sitting on metal bleachers for 2 hours every Saturday for the last 2 months?  Yeah, that's be my flat tushie.

After 9 weeks, I still have no idea by what rules these poor 4th graders were playing America's favorite sport (I think they were allowed 3 timeouts for each player or something), and I cringe at the number of times we had to stop and wait to see if a small boy would get up off the field, but I can also say I had a lot of fun watching my daughter.  She still needs some work on straightening her arms and sharpening her motions (and maybe figuring out what rhythm is), but she has the enthusiasm and energy in spades.  And darned if she didn't know every word to every cheer and every move in every dance.  She never asked to leave a game early and never complained about having to cheer in the cold or the heat (we had both extremes over the season).  I'm pretty sure she wants to do it all again next season.  That's OK.  It took me until the last 2 games, but I finally bought a seat cushion.  I'm ready.

A stiff wind and that bow is going to give her lift off.

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