Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bunny Ears

I meant to post this last week when it was National Lefthanders Day (what, you didn't know about this all-important holiday? Hmph), but, you know, life.  And extreme laziness.  As it goes.

Right here I'm admitting to a giant parenting fail in that (up until very recently, which you'll see in a moment), my children did not know how to tie.  Flog me with a shoelace that they both got out of kindergarten without this particular skill (wasn't that a kinder-requirement when we were kids?).  I  blame velcro.  And extreme laziness.

Anyway, for eons, I've been begging people to help me teach Sammy because I am left handed and he is right handed and I just could not figure out how to teach him without confusing us both all to Hades.  And thus we reached this summer knotless.  But! Sabrina is left handed, too!  This is my department!  So I started teaching her.  And we got supremely confused.  I consulted Dr. You Tube.  And got even more confused.  But I knew I would persevere, if only through dogged and unending annoyance of my youngest.

Then one evening, we were at my parents', and I began lamenting (again) the situation.  Well, my dad had enough of that, grabbed a shoe, and started showing some kid (take your pick, I don't remember who was in the room and from his perspective, he didn't really care as long as he had a warm body listening) while I watched.  And that's when I noticed what he was doing was exactly the same thing I was doing, looping with the left, crossing over with the right, pulling through with the left again.  Wait a minute - this wasn't the mirror image I expected to see.  Did that mean that I - the ultimate lefty so left my left eye, ear, and foot are dominant as well - tie right handed?  Whoa Nelly!

And then it dawned on me. Duh.  I have 2 right handed parents.  They taught me to tie.  They only know one way to do so.  And thus, I tie right handed.  I could have taught Sammy long ago (never mind the confusion and inability to teach issues).  Grrrrrrrr.

Ultimately, my dad bribed each kid with a 5 dollar bill to learn in a week.  They did, they got their money, the end.

On to teaching Sabrina how to ride a bicycle.  Pray for me.

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  1. You could teach Sabrina to ride a bike the way I learned - push her down a hill.