Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Reason I Always Wanted a Little Girl

I've been waiting for the day when Sabrina would play with Barbie-style dolls, and not just in a yank their heads off / turn their hair into plastic rat nests / tear their clothes and lose their shoes kind of way.  And this weekend, I think we're getting there.  Last Christmas, Santa (read: Mom and Dad) gave her a doll that came with a whole bunch of clothes and accessories that I knew she didn't specifically request and she wasn't terribly interested in it, so I just put it in the back of her closet in reserve.  Yesterday, she came to me asking to play with it.

I got it out, disassembled the packaging, gave it all to her, and watched.  And she played.  Delicately.  Changing the clothes, examining the purses and shoes, styling the hair without making it look like the poor doll had been caught in a tornado.  And then she put it all away in a ziploc bag to keep everything together.  Yes!

I loved the play with dolls as a child, and I have an old toy trunk in my closet, filled with my favorite dolls and dozens of outfits, all neatly folded (to the surprise of no one, I can be a little OCD about stuff like that).  I've kept it for the day I could share it with my daughter.  I haven't done that yet (come on, she's 5, and she might feed her doll to the neighbor's dog tomorrow), but we're one step closer. 

Instead, I scoured eBay for a special doll trunk of her own.  I'm sure it will go over like a lead balloon right now, but I hope one day, she'll understand that I'm sharing a piece of my childhood with her.  And then we can braid Barbie's hair together.

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