Monday, November 4, 2013

I Will Get Into This on November 30

Good Things About Today:
  •   I made myself call the insurance company to figure out why the pharmacy was trying to charge me 11 frillion dollars for generic medication.  I not only made the call, but also dealt with the pharmacy, didn't lose my patience during a 20 minute wait, and got my medicine got $6.
  • The labs from my checkup came back, and I'm A-OK.  Of course, me being the perfectionist I am, I'd like to see some of the numbers even better.  I can't even believe me sometimes.
  • Sammy's hearing is in the normal range for both ears even though one tube has fallen inside and sealed itself behind his eardrum.  He also had some wax in there, but no infection.
  • I survived not 1, but 2 trips to Walmart in the same 8 hour period.
  • I baked banana bread.
Not as Good Things About Today:
  • I had to go to Walmart twice in the same 8 hour period.
  • I still don't know if Sammy needs another (fifth) set of ear tubes, nor when surgery to remove the tube inside his ear (the inner tube? Ha, I crack myself up) needs to happen.
  • It's just rainy and cold enough to label the weather as miserable and I have no desire to do anything except eat all the banana bread.
And so ends Day 4.  Fascinating, I know.

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  1. Five sets of tubes? Holy crow! Eat all the banana bread.