Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Small Request

Dear Neighbors,

I would like to state that I am not chasing your dogs, nor am I their prey fleeing them, and I am most certainly not the latest in canine playthings.  I am simply running, on the sidewalk, on the middle school track, around the neighborhood in which I live, as is my right for living here and paying taxes and all.  I am generally not paying much attention to your pet.  And it scares the dickens out of me when your unleashed pooch comes running up at me from behind or tries to jump on me from the front. 

I don't dislike dogs as a rule, but I have been bitten by a seemingly harmless neighbor pet just because I happened to be running on the sidewalk outside his house before, and I'd really like that not to happen again.  I'm skittish; sue me.  Plus, we just opened a brand spankin' new dog park down the block last week.  If you want to let your doggy friends run free, and I hope you do, please do it their and not down the sidewalk where they can get excited and try to tackle me. 

I'm just trying to save you from my involuntary yet eardrum melting scream of terror.  It's good for all of us, truly.

Love, Julie

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