Saturday, December 8, 2012

Three Quarters

Tonight, after I dropped Sammy off at a birthday party, the 3 of us drove over to a nearby town that goes all out for Christmas.  Lights were strewn up and down main street, some even choreographed to music.  There were slews of people, and there were so many wonderful places to get dessert that it was hard to decide.  It was a really cool way to get in the Christmas spirit.  I’d show you, but I didn’t think I’d need my camera. I iz smirt.

We spent some time watching the singing Christmas tree and checking out the shops filled with adorable things you don’t need but try mightily to justify bringing home, and then stopped for ice cream (did I mention it’s in the seventies? Yes, ice cream is an excellent choice).  As Sabrina tasted all of our selections, she stopped, sighed, and said, “I wish Sammy was with us.  He would love this.”

And then my heart melted before the ice cream ever could.

I think we’ll be going back as soon as possible.

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