Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mail Call

As I was going through the mail yesterday, I came upon an envelope bearing the return address of one of Sabrina's preschool classmates.  Thinking it was a Christmas card, I mentally put them on my reciprocity list (you send me a card, I must send one back, it's a rule somewhere I think) and opened the flap.  Sadly, what was inside was not happy holiday greetings.  It started with, "Hi! You've been chosen to join or sticker club!"


I feel like I just got sucked into some sort of sticker supplying pyramid scheme.  The letter tells me - no asking, no, that would be too much like I had a choice - I must send a package of stickers to the kid listed at the bottom and then send another letter to 6 friends, who will then send me (or rather Sabrina, but she can't reach the mailbox, so me) packages of stickers in return.  It goes on to say I'll end p with 36 packages of stickers, but I think their math is a little wonky there.  Anyway.  I'm supposed to do this all within 6 days.  Have a mentioned it's 4 days before Christmas?  And I am NOT going back to the store for anything unless someone is bleeding, burning with fever, or otherwise gravely ill.  Yes, I know we're almost out of milk.  Deal with it, Family.

I don't know what to do.  I really don't want to perpetuate a chain letter, especially one extorting stickers from unsuspecting parents and especially at Christmastime.  But I don't want to be the Grinch who spoils the joy.  But I also don't want to call my kid's friend's mother to tell her I'm not doing it, even though that seems to be the right thing to do (but even there I'm not sure) because I HATE making phone calls, especially awkward ones where I'm bowing out of somebody's "fun" game.  I thought I might send the 1 package of stickers to the kid and forget the 6 friends business, because I do not dislike anyone enough this holiday season to strap them with this malarkey (also, I'm not willing to fork over the postage either).   So instead, I'm swimming in a pool of old-man-get-off-my-lawnness and they'll-hate-me-if-I-don't-do-itness and it's all just stinky is what I'm saying.

If you have a diplomatic way for me to get out of this, please offer it up.  Right now, I'm just wishing it had gotten lost in the sea of last minute Christmas ads that fill my mailbox every day.

I'd be much happier sending out a reciprocal Christmas card.


  1. Here's what I do. I grumble and complain for two days. Then I set the letter on my to-do pile, intending to either send the stupid stickers (or books, we've gotten a book one too) or send the letter back as requested. Then I pick it up once every few days for about two weeks. Then I throw the letter away and just feel vaguely guilty every time I am reminded about it.

  2. I got something similar... I just plain out ignored it. I don't mind if my kids want a pen pal or whatnot, but I'm not doing the chain letter thing.