Friday, November 2, 2012

To Everything There Is a Season

I love Christmas, really I do. I’m planning my decorations now, and they’ll go up the week of Thanksgiving, but that is because we’re hosting dinner for Hub’s side of the family over the weekend (which would normally be my prime decorating time and we like to have the place looking nice and holidayish for them anyway).  I’m big on giving Thanksgiving its due because it gets such a shaft between Halloween and Christmas, but practicality wins out on this detail. Christmas after Thanksgiving is the general rule.  But I don’t begrudge people getting things going when they can.

However. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say November 2 is a leetle too early to have your lights up and on. Really. I saw this on my way home. They were on a business, but it was a Tae Kwon Do studio, not a holiday store, so I’m thinking they could’ve waiting a smidge.

Added: Hub just informed me that he just the first Christmas movie of the season on cable playing right now. Sheesh.

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